Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Job Descriptions Matter

As the proprietor of a DME/HME company are you really aware of what each employee should be doing? Cogitate on this for a few moments.

Over the years I have been invited by many DME/HME dealers to be their consultant. They wanted to know “how efficiently they are running their companies?” They needed to determine that they are arriving at “the best net profits each fiscal year?” They asked me to see if every employee is “contributing a fair share to their success?”

Although there is a great deal of similarity between companies, all are somewhat different and each is unique. The first thing that I do is to interview each employee privately. I found it amazing that so few staff really knew what is expected from them. Each always turned out to be both dedicated and hard working.

After I walked though the warehouse, studied the financial papers and did what all good consultants do, I asked the principal to describe what they expected from each employee. What was their job description? The difference between what the employee did and what the principal wanted was vast.

In order to increase sales and improve profits all employees must have a job description. It is never too late to prepare these. What I have always recommended is do the following:

Sit down, one-on-one, with each employee. Discuss their primary sphere of responsibility. The fact that they have to be a “jack-of-all-trades” as well, especially when the day gets busy. Now you can prepare a job description, which will enable that employee to use his strengths and fulfill your needs.

When employees are fully cognizant of their job description and do a superb job, this must be acknowledged. When they do more than their job descriptions, pitch in with all tasks, this must be complimented. When they work for you as if they were your partners, that must be rewarded.

There are many nice things you can do. Tickets to a show, dinner for two at an excellent restaurant or a parking space with their name, these are always well received. One DME/HME dealer told me his wife prepares a special dinner for the winner and their spouse every quarter. The competition for this is fierce.

Tell me about some of the ideas that you have used so it can be shared with all our readers ( or 1-877-553-5127.)

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