Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Time to be Heard

Our Congressmen speak with loud voices seeking headlines. They will do anything they can to appease a few splinter groups for votes. Yet the largest block of voters, senior citizens, are really never thought about. How do they want to reform Medicare and what is the role of the senior citizen?

There are many layers of the healthcare industry that depend on Medicare for income. On the very bottom of this list is the HME provider. We are the smallest and have the fewest dollars to be sufficiently heard. The hospitals, drug manufacturers, physicians and others are all very formidable. They provide oodles of dollars and so their voices are heard. Ours are not!

The newspapers write about the few scandals at the bottom the ladder (it happens). But when a major hospital chain was found guilty of the biggest fraud ever perpetrated and then had to pay largest penalty, were the legislations changed? No!

The wizards decided that it would make good headlines if the small HME providers had to submit a bid to be in the loop. What a farce! Did any politicians speak with the senior citizens and others covered by Medicare to see what they wanted? No!

What to do? Every HME provider must become a member of their state and national associations. They will provide you with the tools and show you how to mobilize your customers, patients and their families to protect what they have. By working with the associations and your clientele you will be able the show Congress where the money is being siphoned out of the system. The role of the senior citizen is to become part of your voice. They vote, they care and they understand! They must become your partners in this effort. In reality they may have more at risk then you.

Yes, every HME provider and dealer must work together with the senior citizens. Then all will exist and flourish. Tempus fugit!

If you do not belong to your state and the national associations, please get one the phone STAT and enlist. If you are a member, please contact all your associates and peers and to make sure they get on board at once. There may not be a tomorrow. What is at stake? Your future, that of your customers, as well as that of our industry.

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