Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Don't Forget to Suggest the "Add-on" Items

What is an add-on sale? We bought a bag of hot dogs to cook on Veteran’s Day. The grocer said, “Do you need any buns?” We had some at home, but we bought more. That was an add-on sale. Very subtle and very effective!

My wife uses a walker. She obtained a battery-operated flashlight to mount on the front bar. It is a great idea to have a light when she is out at night looking for something. Consider mounting such a product on several of the walkers you display. When the patient sees it, it becomes another opportunity for an add-on sale.

When you visit a department store, a Walgreens, a Target, a Wal-mart or other stores, notice a few things. All items are displayed with similar products that enhance one another. All items are price marked and easy to locate.

Senior citizens love to shop. They like to see comfort items to bring home. Family caregivers are constantly searching for items to save them from making an extra trip. Make it easy for them.

Display as many add-on items as you can. This is not very difficult. Work with the sales reps that call on you. Ask for handouts from your vendors. Become aggressive and look for every opportunity for an add-on sale.

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