Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Showcasing Your Products

Shelly, is there a way of preparing a specialized catalog for my sales people to distribute without going into a big expense?

I received this query last month at Medtrade in Atlanta. I asked the provider why he thought he needed a catalog. After all, every company whose products they sell publishes one. He said he was following up on a suggestion he received in a previous blog and felt his company would benefit with their own catalog.

A three-ring, loose-leaf binder, preferably one where you can slide in a sheet with name, address, etc. of the company on the cover, is the first step. Include an introduction to your company and a list of the services you offer. One page should identify your employees and their major strengths.

The purpose of this loose-leaf catalog is to allow the practitioner or referral source to tell his or her patients about your products. You can, since your catalog is three-hole punched, include pages from the manufacturers. No prices, these are referral catalogs and should be used only as a reference source. Every time your salesperson makes a visit they should bring new pages to add and remove the outdated ones.

This works! Try it! Your catalog in the hands of the physician, nurse, therapist or referral source becomes a silent salesperson for your company. As they receive more information, the more important the three ring binders will become. Your vendors will provide you with as much material you request. This is one easy and excellent way to build new sales and enhance your operation.

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