Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Medtrade Wrap Up - Part I

Perhaps the most difficult thing to report about Medtrade 2011 was the non-stop activity. The best thing I found was that most of the providers I spoke to felt this was truly a superb meeting. This sentiment was shared with me by many of the exhibitors.

This was my 34th Medtrade and I will very happily report I heard very few complaints. That, in it-self, is the best indication of success.
I looked carefully at the exhibits on the showroom floor. Many of these have always been a part of Medtrade, but this year they were more active. The attending HME providers had open eyes seeking ideas how to continue and expand their operations back home.

The Retail Design Center was like a huge magnet. There were experts at many of the displays who shared ideas with attendees. After all, Medtrade is where to find cash sales opportunities and this area was loaded with answers. Next door was the Medtrade Accessible Home. One provider told me this alone made the trip to Atlanta worthwhile. He said he never has found so many good ideas!
The pre-show seminars and the conference sessions were nearly all filled to capacity. I hope that next year we will see many more providers bringing key salespeople to Medtrade. Yes, I am aware that we had an increase in attendance, mostly principals and decision makers, but when they each bring one or two extras the benefits obtained can be doubled.

It is hard to acknowledge the many accomplishments of AAHomecare. Its Stand Up for Homecare fundraiser is something many of us look forward to attending. Their booth alongside of the state DME association desks was almost in the center of the Expo. It is very reassuring they were there because these are the people who fight so hard for every HME company – not just for their members.

We have all come to expect support from The VGM Group and The MED Group and that they certainly provided. I found a couch to sit and relax on and before I could say anything, a cup of hot coffee was handed me. How about that? They, HIRA, and the other support associations were all busy. This is why Medtrade is the most important meeting for our profession. I next look forward to Medtrade Spring 2012.

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