Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let's Work Together to Defeat Competitive Bidding

Where will this go? I am a registered pharmacist and have stayed in communication with NCPA and other similar groups. I read and study their industry publications same as I do ours. They all are concerned about the competitive bidding program. Perhaps I should say “frightened” by it.

Pharmacists feel they will no longer be capable of providing supplies and service to diabetes patients. The cost and greatly reduced reimbursement for those related products are not sufficient to cover their overhead. How often have HME providers said the same?

We all have to work together – that includes HME providers, pharmacists, nursing services, and therapists – and everyone that is involved must develop one strong voice.

Can we put an end to competitive bidding for medical supplies? Yes. A great number of dollars has been spent to get HR 0141 become a reality. About 165 representatives have put their names on as co-sponsors. We need many more. If 90% of the DME/HME dealers would become active members of both their state and national associations, the organizations would have more clout to influence the Congressmen.

Why will this happen? VOTES! VOTES! Without being elected they will no longer be in Congress. HME providers and pharmacists know and work closely with their customers and family caregivers. They all vote.

With the information the associations provide, you can get all your customers and their families to know who is on their team. VOTES can often be more valuable than dollars. Without votes they are out of office. So please use your tremendous strength.

Simply join. You can no longer stand-alone and make things happen. We can and must get rid of competitive bidding.

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