Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Customer: Your Biggest Asset!

The goal of my blogs are directed to help DME/HME dealers build excellent operations. The changing markets, new regulations, frightening decreases in remuneration, are all hanging over every dealer’s head. Success in this hectic market will continue and the key to that is to maintain current customers and at the same time find new ones.

How does a customer view your company? No matter how much great service you may provide, the only instance that will always be remembered is the one where things went awry. No company is perfect! However with correct training and appearance you will always earn an excellent score from your clients.

Foremost, of course, is good customer service. A cheerful greeting on the phone when answered is a must. A friendly hello when anyone enters into your showroom is imperative. I hear jokes about Wal-Mart where every customer is greeted as they enter. Why joke about that? Each of your employees can easily give a friendly “hello” when people enter.

At your staff meetings always remind your employees they are all “goodwill ambassadors” for the company. Spend some time at each meeting to talk about addressing customers and building relations by superb service. You are in the health care business, so a simple “how do you feel today?” usually will suffice. Let your customer realize that you care!

Another key piece to customer service is appearance. Is your showroom brightly lit? Many older clients do not have strong vision so please accommodate them. Are all products on display clearly marked with the price? Don't assume that if someone is unsure of the price they'll ask. They might move on, and you might lose a sale!

I recall sitting in a seminar at Medtrade where the speaker’s opened words were “WHAT IS YOUR BEST ASSET?” Then before anyone could answer, he said “YOUR CUSTOMER!” Never forget that your customer is the one single asset that must be maintained.

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