Saturday, February 18, 2012

Looking to the Future

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we had a magic globe and could look into the future? We, researching in our magic globe will see what problems are facing us, and then perhaps we can plan to prevent them from happening. Even better, we may discover many good things that are awaiting us and plan around these events. But alas, we do not have that ability.

But there are so many new and profitable opportunities that can be found when attending Medtrade Spring. It is April 10-12 at the Sands expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas and that can be your magic globe!

To obtain the maximum benefits you should make very careful plans! A review with your accountant and bookkeeper should show which segments of the business bring the most sales volume. Finding those that bring the highest profits are very important and which segments need to be improved.

Then, when you review who the exhibitors are and where their booths will be, you can plan ahead. One of the HME/DME dealers I know told me that before he leaves for Medtrade, he contacts the vendors and key reps his company works with and makes appointments to meet their sales manages or company principals at the show. Many good deals and promotions are arranged in that fashion! You can do the same! Their representative and his superior really appreciate when that happens and you will receive the dedicated attention you deserve.

As in the past, you must pay careful attention to all the various products in the New Products Pavilion. Be sure to visit the exhibits and see what’s new and what will fit into your operation. Opportunities galore are waiting for you.

There are many major benefits to be gained from attending Medtrade. When you plan how you will approach the vendors on the exhibit floor you reap a great ROI. I will be walking the floor and so please find me and share your experiences with me. See you in Las Vegas!

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