Saturday, February 18, 2012

Medtrade Spring Excitement!

I got very excited this morning. I made my reservation for a hotel room in Las Vegas. Thelma and I will be able to attend the Spring Medtrade Exhibition in Las Vegas (April 11 and 12) and we look forward to a few fantastic days.

I believe that I have attended every Medtrade Exhibition since its inception and yet the excitement of seeing all my friends, meeting new ones, attending seminars and visiting exhibitors still turns me on. Nothing can match this!

This year, more than ever before, our industry is under attack. DME/HME dealers and providers are an easy target for politicians. We have to learn how better to work together, share expenses and deliver our message.

Because of chicanery on the part of a few dishonest individuals and companies, padding of bills for Medicare and Medicaid, and politicians are using it as fodder. They say when elected they will be able to redo the programs. But they never do, they only talk! Just say how. 

Our task is to make sure the general public, our customers, clientele, family caregivers and friends to join forces and deliver the message that DME/HME dealers are not culprits. The reimbursements they receive for supplies and equipment never covers all that is provided, including service. This service which is provided pro bono is the one thing that must be told! Making the trip to Las Vegas is the best opportunity to protect your company!

Attending gets me very excited, especially when the dealers and vendors I meet at Medtrade share with me their ideas. The future of our industry, in particular this year since Congress will probably be changed in November. It is so imperative to get involved.

At Medtrade you will obtain all the tools you will need to speak with both customers and politicians. The state associations will be there, the national associations will be there, vendors and manufacturers will be there and so must you!

The speakers will all be primed to see that when you return home you will be ready to get your employees, customers, family caregivers, friends and associates ready to do battle Get excited and register to attend (April 11-12).

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