Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Health Insurance

After listening the past few weeks to the politicians seeking the Presidential nomination, and then reading what the columnists in magazines and newspapers comment, I am flabbergasted! I do not quite comprehend what they each stand for or what they will do. They scream about the cost of health care, but not about the threats that our country faces in this hectic world.

My main concern is if any changes in legislation will affect DME/HME dealers and providers. As an industry our first concern has always been for our customers, patients and their family caregivers.

Americans purchase life insurance, home insurance, automobile insurance, and many other types of policies to protect themselves, their homes, possessions and livelihood. These are not all obligatory, but one’s choice. Ownership of these gives one a feeling of security. There are occasions when in order to get a loan the lender will demand a policy but it is still an individual’s option.

There are countries that provide every citizen with a form of health insurance. That, too, is laudable. Many employers provide some type of health insurance as part of their salary packages. Many of the poor and indigent in the U.S. are covered by their state's Medicaid programs. And, for a huge number of the population there is Medicare.

Should the percentage of Americans who do not have health insurance be obliged to purchase it? I believe that if it is forced on us the cost of insurance will rise. I also believe that if a person does not wish to buy any form of health insurance that is their decision! Should one be penalized if they do not have insurance?

I know that in one way or another, the source of medical supplies will always be DME/HME dealers. I am very comfortable with my feeling that DME/HME will always be ready and willing to serve their community.

So to all politicians, whether on the left or the right, please address the threats that face the United States of America; inflation, Iran, oil, recession, budget, education and work to correct the rapidly rising cost of health care in our country caused by fraud and abuse. Once this is corrected there will be sufficient funds to cover all citizens.

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