Thursday, June 21, 2012

Information Please!

I receive more than 125 e-mails daily. I am sure that each of you experiences something similar. However, I will not complain about this, not at all. I get more interesting material via the e-mail that affects our industry and I am able to extract wheat from the chaff. You, too, can do the same.

Simply check the box on every e-mail that is obviously unimportant and trash them. Look at others which may be of interest and move them to spam to check at your leisure. When I do that I normally end up with only a dozen messages to read.

Here are a few lines from some of the important e-mails that came to me recently:

#1- “NSC Mailing Revalidation Letters in Yellow.”  This came from many state DME associations to their members. It alerted all to the problem.

#2-  AAHomecare has saved the bacon once again.” A  similar message answering the associations. It proved to me the value ofworking together with both state and national associations.

Isn’t that the truth?

#4- “The fundamental difference between home care and institutional care”, Elizabeth Hogue. Esq. has always sent valuable information, but if you do not open it, you miss it.

#5- "It helps us make adjustments to assist providers and manufactures in reaching their goals. It's a critical year for the HME industry, and the feedback will help us make adjustments to what will likely be the most important Medtrade show in our 30-plus-yearhistory." A valuable  reminder about the coming Fall event.

#6- The competitive bidding process was designed to improve the efficiency of Medicare’s procurement system, potentially saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. But many experts have criticized the auction, pointing out fundamental flaws in its design. Now, a series of experiments testing the auction structure show that it does, in fact, fall short of expectations.” This says it all.

My message is please take advantage of the e-mails you receive.  Opt-in to industry e-newsletters.  Interestingly enough, the HME Industry LinkedIn group just started a discussion about some of the "can't-miss" e-newsletters of our field.  Do you have any to add?  

Read those that may affect your business. Carefully review the industry journals! Study all the material you receive from the state and national associations and of course, watch for the “shellysoundsoff” blogs.

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