Friday, June 1, 2012

A Round of Applause!

An excellent performance always earns applause. I want all of us to send our congratulations to Patrick Naeger (Healthcare Equipment & Supplies). Patrick is a DME/HME provider in Missouri and he has proven that one man can make a difference.

Patrick established a relationship by communicating with Congresswoman JoAnn Emerson. He was able to get her attention to the fact that DME/HME is under constant attacks from CMS and Congress.  What he did, and we should all be very proud of him, was to assist her in developing a roundtable discussion with Jonathan Blum, Deputy Administrator and Director of CMS.

Congresswoman Emerson, Patrick and a number of DME/HME dealers, along with other health care providers such as doctors and discharge planners, were able to have a three-hour “lively” discussion. I am confident there will be many positive results of this roundtable conversation.

An entire industry is under attack from Congress and CMS. You will see many bills coming from Congress which fail to comprehend or understand the role and importance of DME/HME providers.

Let us all start communicating with our legislators and ask them for their support. You have to present to them the role  that your company plays. Get all your customers, patients and family caregivers to support you. To be able to do all this please work with both your state and national associations.

Be like Patrick! Don’t wait for anyone else to do what you must to protect your company and customers. No one else can do what you can.

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