Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yes You Can!

In our previous blog we spoke about what an individual DME/HME provider accomplished. When I hear about the many approaches taken to influence Congress and CMS it all makes me very proud. However, I neglected to remind every DME/HME provider about some of the many battles fought and won by their state DME associations in conjunction with the nationals.

Friday (5/31) I received a notice that the “Ways and Means Committee” of the House affirmed the repeal of the 2.3% medical device tax. This would have been a burden on the back of every DME/HME provider. I received copies from many of the state DME associations of the calls and e-mails they sent. This is just one of the reasons that I urge each of our readers to be a member of their state and national associations.

I was so impressed when I heard that Richard Stevens, Executive Director of WVRDS (West Virginia)  bravely went into the spider's web (Washington DC).  He spoke with the staff at Representatives Dave McKinley and Shelly-Moore-Capito, as well as that of Senator Joe Manchin. Certainly his efforts and those of all the associations made this victory happen. We must continue working together by bringing in your customers and family caregivers! We are “VOX POPULI” and that is much more effective than anything else.

It was agreed to not to pass this legislation and Senator Manchin would co-sponsor the same in the Senate. It is the efforts of  all that make things work.  As I said in the previous blog, “Don’t wait for anyone else to do what you must to protect your company and customers. No one else can do what you can.”

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