Thursday, August 23, 2012

Do It Now! Part One

When we returned from our vacation we found two weeks mail and two weeks newspapers all waiting to be reviewed. For a very pleasant change, rather than the usual “gloom an doom” reports, the mail we received was actually all upbeat. It appears that the recession is starting to melt away. Many new jobs were found, stock values rose and there was a small increase in jobs. Despite the cost of gasoline rising, people have started to shop and go out for dinner and entertainment.

I read through all the financial articles and I have three words to say; “Do It Now.” While the economy is beginning its rebirth, so must you.

Many DME/HME principals have spoken with me about hiring another outside person. Yes, do it now. Stop by your local college and request them to send you a few students to interview. You are offering an entrance level job where they will be learning a new industry and building a career. This is a job with a bright future. As your new employee absorbs knowledge your sales will grow and so will their salary.

I have been preaching this hiring and training program and invariably it been one of the most successful accomplishments of many entrepreneurs.

Since Medtrade is very close get that new hire on board ASAP.  A big part of their education is to make them even more successful. You will assign the seminars they should attend and they will accompany you as you negotiate programs with the exhibitors. This is a fantastic opportunity for your new salesperson.

Now, before costs start rising again, you will be able to increase your business dramatically. As others are waiting for the economy to become “better”, you will actually be making giant steps forward. There will be expanding volume and profit for your company. DO IT NOW! 

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