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Yes, I can proudly say that I Did It! What did I do?  It is what I suggest you do. (I hope you enjoyed the words of Art Williams that I had the audacity to include.)*

I make it a point to contact all of the candidates for office in DC whose names may be on my ballot. Although I do not get to speak with each, I reach the people who run their local offices as well as their HLA assistants (health legislative) in DC.

We have the potential to make our interests and those of our patients heard. But, we don’t do it! I understand how busy you are running your company successfully, so why not do a little more?

In conversations that I have held with dealers in many parts of the country, I realize there has been one important accomplishment. Politicians will LISTEN to you and they understand what you are telling them.

The incumbents and the “wannabes” are all very aware Medicare needs to be fixed. If we improve the ability for the legislation to reduce fraud and abuse that alone will save mega-dollars from being stolen from the system.

When I speak to the candidates I tell them that my loyalty is not to a party but to health care. Do they listen?  Yes! Invariably, after I have spoken with their staff I will receive a response and mostly positive.

Prior to making these contacts get information from your state DME and national associations. They understand what must be explained to the politicians!

At Medtrade, you will meet them as well as the buying groups and allied associations. Attend as many of the lectures you and your staff can in order to get all the information you need.

If we take the time to make these calls, we will certainly get some positive results. I DID IT and I will continue doing it.  I ask that you do the same!

*See Blog: “Do it now. Part 2  -  8/24/12

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