Friday, August 24, 2012

Do it now! Part Two

You took a giant step forward when you hired a new salesperson. Now is when you can also make the changes in your operation that you have always thought about. I say: “do it now.”

In many of the conversations I have held with DME/HME providers in the past few months I am told about the changes they contemplate. Obtaining new fixtures, adding additional lighting, building a model bedroom or bathroom, Home Tele-health, and of course, hiring another person. I am hearing a great deal of talk, but need to see more action.

Now, as the economy of the United States is slowly turning positive, you must make every effort to get a bigger piece of the action. All your ideas for expanding, adding additional staff and becoming more aggressive must now become alive. Do It Now!

Look at the advertising the major marketers are currently doing. They are all going after the larger OTC cash sales. The automobile manufacturers are spending more dollars offering their larger vehicles. According to the financial experts, these sales are growing at a much more rapid pace. This is another reflection of how the economy is starting to turn upwards. The challenge is to see how quickly you can bring your company and team into the fray and bring the community back into your showroom.

Plan which new items or programs would be practical in your market. Prepare to develop more “open house” days and to make these successful, do them in cooperation with your vendors. They will be very helpful in making these “open hoses” more attractive.

Bring your “I want” and your “I need” list as well as some key employees with you to Medtrade. It is only a few weeks away in Atlanta.   

I'm not the only one with this "just do it" mentality, check out this inspiring video from Art Williams and his famous Just Do It speech!

On the exhibition floor at Medtrade 2012 this October, you will find many new opportunities and ideas to help you accomplish your goals. Give your staff members a list of seminars to attend. Speakers, leaders and educators are preparing to bring with them a plethora of tools for you! So “do it now.” Register attendance for your staff members to accompany you to Medtrade. 

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