Thursday, November 28, 2013


We set aside only one day a year for Thanksgiving. It has always been a wonderful day. I know, because Thelma and I again will be flying up north to be with our children and grandchildren. 

We, as citizens in the United States of America, have more to be grateful for than those in any other country. We can express our opinion on any subject; we can be a Republican, a Democrat, or stand by ourselves. This is a luxury and when you see what happens in many other countries, say, “Thank you.”

The Houses of Worship all set aside this day for special services. We understand and appreciate the many blessings of being a citizen in the United States.

My wife and I are octogenarians. We have lived through a severe depression in the 1930s, World War II and several minor wars. I have questioned why we were involved in a few of these, but never have I failed to support the country. I am a WWII veteran, and I can only praise our military for how much they have accomplished. I do think that we have prevented WWIII, and pray that it will never happen.

Our country has gyrated financially through many smaller “depressions” and now we are watching the stock market explode.

Please use Thanksgiving for the purpose it was intended. Be grateful for what you have. Be satisfied that no matter what happens, your fellow citizens will be there to support you.

Yes, there are still many people seeking employment. Yes, we still have troops in foreign countries. But YES, the United Sates is still the home of the free and the brave. AMEN!

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