Monday, June 15, 2015


When you walk through the storm, hold your head up high and don't be afraid of the dark."

I can no longer recall when I first heard these words. I will tell you that they are etched in my heart! Thelma and I made every effort to see as many of the musical shows on Broadway we could when we lived in New Jersey. We could get there and find a convenient parking space in a half hour. We were fortunate because that luxury can no longer be found.

Today DME/HME companies do not need to “walk alone”. It is so important for every dealer to work with the organizations who will insure that no matter what may appear, they will help your company participate and continue to flourish.

We received a few requests asking us, “to whom” you are referring? AAHomecare and your state DME associations is the answer! There is no one else who can do for your company what they can!

When I hear how many DME/HME dealers currently belong to each, I am pleased. However, when I realize how many do not, I am shocked. There is no excuse for a DME/HME dealer NOT to pay dues and work with them.

When I read both HME News and HomeCare Magazine, I find everything reported that you should know, follow, and support. I ask one thing more: Do you say, “thank you” or sit back and say, “that’s nice.” You cannot say, “penny spent is penny lost”, because every penny invested in your company's future will guarantee that you will have a future!”

If you currently are not subscribing to these publications, DO SO NOW. Never be a “Freddy, the free loader!” This small amount of dollars, so minute, will help you to stay in business.

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