Thursday, June 4, 2015

We Need Help!

My writing these blogs and trying very hard not to be boring has been a challenge. Most of the material I have composed and spoken about over the years has been prepared as a consequence of your comments. This “Shelly said” method has developed and has been providing a great deal of pleasure for Thelma and I. Please keep calling us (843-572-6568) and sending e-mails. We need your help (

The problem I have to remember is that times have changed and so have the people! Our industry is so much stronger than it has ever been because of the fine companies which have developed. Yes, it is true, the “cream always floats to the top”!

What makes this growth so special is that many different factors have been involved. The industry associations are in the center, maintaining communication and blending their supporters together into a well-organized team. The vendors do not hesitate to give their support, and the efforts of the excellent industry publications have also been fantastic.
This is what I have always referred to as a “team.” This means that not only joining each of these teams and paying dues, but also soliciting every friend you know to also get involved! They need your help and you really need them to stay solvent!

We need your help, and I request you to speak with other dealers to help build more local teams. I saw several DME/HME principals work together and they were able to get their message to Congress. They were able to bring the office manager of their legislator to attend with them at a Medtrade meeting. This should be replicated throughout the country. Your state DME association and AAHomecare need your help. Get on board!

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