Wednesday, June 3, 2015


As I get closer and closer to my 90th birthday, I have a tendency to look back and reflect. Just thinking about how the annual Medtrade meetings have developed each year reminds me of how our industry has so greatly expanded. We now need both a spring show in Las Vegas and the big show in Atlanta in the fall. Medtrade exhibitions are now playing to a full house. Progress!

The necessity for every DME/HME provider to have a convenient place to go to for the Medtrade experience is vital. It is relatively easy for DME/HME dealers, east or west of the Mississippi to travel to these events. With an exhibition floor that is filled with both exhibitors and attendees, Medtrade has become the biggest magnet attracting both vendors and dealers.

When I question exhibitors, I invariably hear similar answers. The key is that many dealers in one or two days are walking by, looking at the displays, and determining which new items for OTC cash sales are appropriate. For the exhibitors' sales people to see a huge number of participants is their key to success. The dealers like to be at Medtrade because this is where they can work with decision makers at each display. I watch them writing orders, which might not have been found by a travelling sales person.

When I was on the road, it was unusual for me to see more than 3 or 4 dealers in one day. At Medtrade, I will meet with many different companies. This is just one of the reasons why the Medtrade meetings are always so attractive! Vendors and dealers have a place to speak, make deals, and write orders!

When you attend, make every effort to bring as many staff members as possible. This small expenditure can have a very nice return on your investment (ROI). Make your hotel reservations early to get the best prices and order the airline tickets, again for the same reason.

Will we see you in Atlanta? Early registration for Medtrade in Atlanta will begin on June 22nd - Thelma and I are making our plans now!

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