Thursday, June 25, 2015

Medtrade 2015

Thelma and I are looking forward to the excitement of Medtrade in Atlanta this year. We have had the privilege of attending nearly all of these exhibitions, including those in the West. It is difficult to put into words our appreciation of these assemblies. Every attendee is important, and I truly enjoy walking through the showroom just to say “hello” to so many friends.

Since we both are rapidly approaching our 90th year, we have made the decision this will be the last Medtrade we will attend. I am thrilled to say that there are so many really fantastic leaders who provide so much superb guidance so that our industry can continue to expand.
My small contribution has been to say “thank you” to all of the hard working AAHomecare and state DME association members who invariably do such a good job. Please do the same when you see them at Medtrade, and also tell them how much you too appreciate their efforts on your behalf.

Looking at what has been accomplished in the period, just from Tom Antoine to Tom Ryan, the results have been better than those of any other profession! When I am able to see so any attendees, conversing at each booth, I stop to ask myself: “What they can do together?” The answer is so satisfying.

Bring with you as many members of your team as possible. There are so many things to see, people to speak with, and deals to be made that you need your team to be there with you.

We must not forget to compliment Medtrade Show Director Kevin Gaffney and his team for making the show such a pleasure to attend. All a dealer has to do is show up. As the attendees walk in, everyone and everything is prepared and waiting for them. What a massive task this is, and I say, “Thank you.”
We will see you there!
Early Registration for Medtrade is Now Open!
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