Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Is it the Truth?" - Ask Your Elected Officials

When I was active in Rotary, we opened every meeting with the phrase: “Is it the truth?”
As I watch TV and read in newspapers, there are many things promised by candidates seeking election. This has been going on for generations! I even recall a candidate for President who promised “a chicken in every pot” if he was elected. He wasn’t.

When I meet a politician, I invariably ask what they plan to do about care for the elderly. Do they want to change how healthcare is provided today? Will they increase the number of recipients? Are there sufficient funds available to accomplish any major changes? This is the business we are in, so seeking support for the needy is vital!

More funds are necessary to bring about the changes necessary to develop better coverage, but these dollars are not always available. This has been a problem for generations. I am pleased to see today there is more efficiency. This happens because the involved providers are becoming much more effective!

The answers I hear reflect in the title of this article! I hear words and I see more action to make them a reality. The time has come and we now must ask our elected officials about the promises they made. Promises don’t buy lollypops! Is it the truth? I want to see action!

To accomplish things, write your requests and then get as many people who feel the same to add their names. When I have done this, I always received an answer! Invariably it is a positive response.
This is why the United States is so great. People care!

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