Thursday, July 30, 2015

Growing Old

“Growing old is so darn unappealing until you consider the alternative.” David Baldacci - Hour Game.

I have used this quote because it reflects what I do believe. In my career, I have always worked with so called "senior" citizens. When you work with them, you will discover they are both agreeable and they can contribute a great deal.

Now that I am a “senior citizen,” I am sure that I understand the role I played in the many things I did! I have always worked with the seniors in my community because the “Thank You” I received was worth far more than worth the effort. Today I try to do the same with everyone I work with! When Thelma and I look back at the many different employees who made our company function, we consider that we were blessed. We always had a superb staff supporting us!

Perhaps we older folks may not work with the speed that some younger folks do, but it is end results that count. Thelma and I were very fortunate to have found two young ladies in the local high school that would come in every afternoon for an hour or two. With their efforts on our behalf, so much was accomplished daily! God Bless the younger generation because they soon will become us!

The young folks today all seem to fill the void in every office with big smiles and make the work day finish quickly. I am sure that you all can make a small investment in this fashion, which will pay off with a great big return.

But, always keep your eye open for some of the senior citizens as well. Never sell us short! Do not consider us as “mom and pop” and they will then accomplish more than you ever expected!

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