Thursday, September 10, 2015

Are You Prepared?

Have you made all the necessary arrangements to attend Medtrade this year? Sure, you reserved a hotel room and have tickets for transportation to and from, but that is not what I want to know. Is this going to be a jolly few days for you to meet friends, have good food and drinks and then return happily home, or are you attending to see what you can do to make your company grow even stronger and better?

I do not know how many Medtrade meetings Thelma and I have attended, probably all. Our goal was to see how many excellent contacts we could make to invite to become participants in the Home Care Dealers Co-op. We recognized nearly every attendee who was there and were able to seek the DME/HME dealers we felt would benefit the co-op. I cannot tell you how difficult this was because there were always several dealers in each market who exceeded our standards. Indeed DME/HME dealers are head and shoulders over those in other industries.

All of this leads to my question: "Are You Prepared?" 
Times have changed. If your company does not currently belong to your state DME association and AAHomecare, please get on board!

Thelma and I will be attending Medtrade in Atlanta this October, and it would be nice if you stopped us on the show floor to say “hello.”
The promo code SHELLY can be used for a Free Expo Pass when you register for Medtrade, if you have not yet done so.

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