Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why Medtrade?

I was recently asked this question by an old friend: “Why Medtrade?” Before I had a chance to answer, he went into a tirade. "This show is a waste of time and money," he said. So, I asked him why he was bothering to attend.

His answer was that Medtrade is where he could see his old friends. As he spoke, he casually mentioned that he also  made a couple of good deals with some exhibitors. I said, "That isn’t that reason enough to attend?" After a few seconds, he agreed.

I think that Thelma and I have been fortunate to have attended so many Medtrade Exhibitions, and we are always fascinated by the activity constantly taking place at all the displays. The dealers and the exhibitors are all working diligently to see what they can do for one another to increase sales and profits. Their success is why they are there!

There is an opportunity at the show to meet with all the vendors that you currently work with. This is important because they always bring new ideas to share with you. At Medtrade, you will find new opportunities to expand your operations. Another major benefit is meeting other vendors that you do not yet work with! How many new ideas and programs are presented at Medtrade, which will fit your operation? You will find many!

What you will find on the showroom floor is a vital. Coupled with that are the many classes and lectures which are available. I repeat this often: Bring key personnel with you so that you can get the most from the information presented by the speakers and presenters.
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