Friday, September 25, 2015

Are You Ready?

Before you realize it, we will all be standing in the lobby in Atlanta waiting patiently for Kevin to cut the red ribbon, and Medtrade to open. All the exhibitors are waiting with open arms as the attendees start seeking whom to see first!

I have watched dealers come prepared with a list of those displays they want to see ASAP and others not to be missed. In that fashion, they are able to get much more accomplished at Medtrade. What always happens is we meet old friends and stop to chat and have a cup of coffee. Somehow the hours just fly by.

Your company makes a big investment to get you to Medtrade. Airfare, room and board, all add up to a good sum, so it is imperative to get a good return on this investment. Thelma and I always prepare a list of those return displays we wish to attend first and then line them up by location so we do not have to go back and forth. A wee bit of planning will make things much easier and more will be completed in the allotted time.

For most of us, this ability to meet with friends and associates at Medtrade is superb. Everyone attending has similar goals. Just be sure that you get to all the service booths such as AAHomecare and your state association to express your appreciation for the excellent work they accomplish. If your company is not a dues-paying member of these associations, become one at Medtrade. This is the best way to give your thanks.

Are you ready for Medtrade? Thelma and I are filled with anticipation.
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