Friday, March 18, 2011

Call in Support - Now!

Every HME provider is fully aware of what will happen as new awards for the “Competitive Bid” are announced. The second round will soon be here and unless we all band together it will continue to create more havoc. Don’t wait until it hits you, start your efforts today and persist in calling and writing your elected officials in Washington.

Call in support! All of the health care professionals in your community should be asked to join with you. In particular, I suggest you speak with all the pharmacists in your community. I have made a contact with the pharmacy community and have received a major vote of support. They understand what is happening and realize that they, too, would face a similar program.

Every one of your employees, your customers and their family caregivers should also be asked to assist. AAHomecare and your state association will provide much help in the form of literature and handouts. So please call in support! This is not the time to be bashful.

If you do not know how to reach your Representatives or Senators just place a call to the US. Capitol switchboard (202-224-3121) and you will be able to speak directly to the office you request. Get the name of their HLA (Health Legislative Assistant) and he or she will carry your request.

The more calls they receive will make them aware that everyone who contacts them is a voter and can also influence votes. With this effort you will be able to accomplish a great deal.

At Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas there will be a great number of sources who will be able to help you. This is only one reason why you must attend. The state DME and national associations as well as the buying groups will all be there ready and willing to provide you with tools. You, too, must be there.

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