Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Must Get H.R. 1041 Passed

Every effort must be made to get all members of Congress on board to support and pass H.R. 1041. Passage of this bill will repeal competitive bidding. This is a tedious process. It must pass the House and then the Senate. You must make every effort to be sure this is passed, because there is too much for you to lose if it is not repealed.

As an HME industry we have to use every tool that is available. The information you require will come from your state and national associations. You must also get your customers involved. Senior citizens make up a large voting block. Your staff, friends, physicians, pharmacists, PTs, OTs and all other health care providers must work with you to get this passed. They, too, have a great deal at stake.

Remember, when those elected to Congress hear voices, they have to respond because voices are votes and votes keep them in office.

The words “competitive bid” seem to have a different meaning to legislators. They feel it will save the government money. But, when dealing with a patient’s health, it takes on a much different meaning. The end result of the “bid” is bringing health care down to its lowest possible level. It means finding the very cheapest way, regardless of the consequences, to supply product. Services go by the wayside. There is no reimbursement for that. For generations HME providers have given the best service to their clients, family caregivers and patients. You all know what happens to your patients. They are forced to go elsewhere. They may have to go to two or more locations for all their needs. Always ask your clients if they would use a physician who bid the lowest competitive price?

Your task is to make every effort possible to get every representative to sign on to this bill and to alert every senator to introduce a similar one. The goal is to get it passed and signed by the President!

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