Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank you, Exhibitors!

Why is Medtrade so important for all HME providers?

The opportunity presented to meet with your vendors and the other exhibitors at Medtrade is incomparable. We appreciate the great relationship most providers have with the sales people with whom they work. Those salesmen labor very diligently for their companies but they also act for you! In this fashion they become an integral part of your team.

At Medtrade you can sit down with exhibitors and not listen for your phone to ring or watch people meandering through your showroom. It is an opportunity to both say “thank you” and tell them what else you would like from their company. Share with each manufacturer your good experiences and some of the problems you may have experienced. Medtrade presents a golden opportunity to speak about what their company can do for you!

If it was just to the ability to meet with all your vendors that would be sufficient reason for many providers to attend. However, please remember that the exhibitors are seeking a return on their investment as well.

The vendors are looking to meet new providers with whom they have not done business. They wish to find some key providers who are seeking new and other products to market. They bring with them many handouts, product sheets and samples and ask that you bring these back to your company. Share this information with your employees. When it becomes a “win-win” situation everyone returns to his or her home base satisfied.

As you review the list of speakers and the topics they will discourse on, please notice who has sponsored them. Yes, the exhibitors provide many lecturers. I have attended many classes each year both in Las Vegas and Atlanta. I am very pleased that most of the lectures I have attended teach ways to improve your business, increase your profits and continue to flourish.

Say “thank you” to your vendors!

I always recommend bringing along with you some key employees. What they will return with can prove to be well in excess of the cost. I look forward to meeting and greeting many friends at Medtrade. Please find me wandering through the showroom floor and say “hello Shelly.”

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