Monday, March 21, 2011

Winning through Teamwork

I have been enjoying watching the college basketball tournament on TV. The victorious schools all have one thing in common. They win as a consequence of the close teamwork they exhibit. Our industry is in a battle with a formidable foe, the “competitive bid.”

To prevail we have to get very organized and that is accomplished by teamwork. It is imperative that every HME provider work very closely with both the state and national associations. Over the years, they have proven to be formidable with industry support. The support of every provider, every manufacturer and as many of your clientele that you can invite to work with you, will help demonstrate that this legislation is not only unpopular but is very destructive.

Competitive bidding is driving the country to more unemployment. Every politician tells us their goal is to create more jobs. This is not the way! Too many providers will be forced to close. The same politicians state that small business is one of the backbones of our economy. So why destroy the HME business? Aren’t they, too, small business? Is this what they want?

What about the beneficiaries? They are all in a tizzy wondering if they will still be able to get the same service and convenience they have from “the lowest price” awardees? They do not wish to be forced to travel (sometimes a long distance) and often to more than one supplier for their needs.

Teamwork! We can all do it. Build an effective community voice. At Medtrade Spring this is a topic that will be on everyone’s lips. You must be there also to show your support and, then with everyone’s, support we can win.

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