Monday, March 28, 2011

What Does Your Tomorrow Look Like?

What is in store for HME providers tomorrow? I anticipate many good things. Medtrade Spring is almost here (April 12-14) and everything that I hear from the providers to whom I speak is upbeat and encouraging.

They have indicated that their companies are already hard at work to get H.R. 1041 through Congress. Yes! I hope that you are doing the same. This is a major step to make your tomorrow a success.

Their plans for participation at Medtrade Spring are all in place. Are yours? They have prepared a list of the vendors they currently work with to speak about the future. They added to that base every vendor at Medtrade that they feel has something new to offer.

Building from their existing strengths and adding to it, they anticipate an exciting tomorrow. I have chatted with many exhibitors and they are planning to come armed with many great offers and promotions. This will enable attendees to continue to grow on a successful path. But if you aren’t there, you will miss many great opportunities.

The speakers can readily be described as professors from a major university! The knowledge and ideas you can obtain at Medtrade are unexcelled. But if you stay home, what can you learn?

The state and national associations and the buying groups will all be there prepared to provide you with the tools you need to fight for H.R. 1041 and also to protect your company. Nothing happens if you don’t visit with them to get the ammunition you need.

By attending Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas you will insure that your company will be able to maintain stability and look forward to an exciting and fruitful tomorrow! I hope to see you all there!

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