Monday, April 18, 2011

Medtrade Spring - A Phenomenal Experience

Exhilarating! Educational! Breathless! Yes, indeed, a new level of success was achieved in Las Vegas this year. Medtrade Spring was bigger, better and more amenable than ever before. A positive result was that knowledge, information, new ideas and opportunities were all readily available. You had to be there to share in this largesse. The providers who crowded the showroom floor all came away with great big smiles. They received what they came for.

The lectures and seminars held provided many answers and instructions. The speakers addressed almost every question that a HME provider could ask. These classes were all well attended and every one I spoke with said the seminars alone were worth the trip to Las Vegas.

But then, after they entered the Expo - WOW! That is where they found many more answers. New items, new ways to operate their companies, new products to feature and new ideas for OTC cash sales. The exhibitors were all seeking ways to expand their ability to grow sales and profits. They realized that the attendees sought the same. Symbiosis! Mutual advantages and benefits were found and met. It is something special to see what can happen when a provider and a manufacturer team up.

In this space, I will make every effort to show all you new and creative ways to build sales. If you have questions, I will help you find answers.

Please call me at (877) 553-5127 or email me at and I will promptly respond. Between what I have learned in my 84 years and 60-plus years in this industry and the many experts associated with Medtrade, you will get answers.

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