Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who's Your Competition?

Do you know who your competitor is? Is it another HME provider? Or, is it something else?

Yes, today’s competition can be recognized as not only oppressive legislation, but also include the super stores. Everyone who is seeking where or how they can reduce their healthcare expenses or siphon off your sales is your competitor.

No, not other HME providers! They are your partners and allies because they, too, recognize and fear the same competition and realize positive results can only be accomplished by working together.

The big marketers, Wal-Mart, Target and grocery chains are all offering over the counter (OTC) and aids to daily living (ADL) products. Items are prominently displayed and price marked with huge signs (low prices, but not all products are the same). This is part of their programs to indicate everything they sell is discounted. This is aggressive marketing and a careful look at their price tags will show you this is really not true, but I must say for them it has proven effective.

What can you do to compete? By working together with your state and national associations! From them you can obtain the tools that you will need to fight back. Even more important is together one voice will be speaking on behalf of all HME providers including their employees, customers and family caregivers. The voice is powerful and will be heard.

Go one step further! At Medtrade Spring, make arrangements with your reps to speak with their company principals on the showroom floor. The vendors want to maintain your business. They will give you much support to help keep and build additional sales. The vendors face the same difficulties your company does. It is to their advantage to provide you with as much assistance as possible.

Look for new tools at Medtrade. Spring. Look for other marketing and promotional programs. Your competition with the big guys starts here at Medtrade Spring. Remember David beat Goliath!

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