Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reducing Fraud, Creating Opportunities

Despite the fact that HME providers seem to feel that they are under attack by the government, it isn’t so. What I have recognized is that our industry has a situation that is unique. By and far providers are all honest, hard working citizens. They provide a great deal of service to their clientele pro bono. But criminals have taken a big bite of out of the system and this is what has to be stopped!

The legislators are seeking to reduce the dollars spent to help pay the national debt and they fail to recognize what is really the problem. How many dollars are being siphoned off by the dishonest element? How many thieves have found it is less dangerous to steal from the government rather than sell narcotics and drugs? When caught, they may be fined or their businesses closed but they are not incarcerated. They reopen the next day with a different name. By developing a competitive bid in a valiant effort to reduce costs, nothing has changed and nothing was accomplished! But if they can stop and reduce the number of dollars being stolen, then Medicare will be able to accomplish what Congress passed.

One of my goals via this blog is to see what we, as an industry, working with the national and state associations can accomplish. This will be addressed with new ideas and with other programs as they develop.

Another goal I have for the coming year is to share the information I gather for increasing sales and profits with HME providers. I spent much time on the exhibition floor at Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas last week and spoke with providers from all over the country. What made me feel good is they did not hesitate to tell me about the success they had. I will try to report as much of this as possible. What is interesting is every idea was really not a new one, but how things were being done, which is valuable.

I would like to hear from you, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail at or call me at (877) 553-5127. I will answer or call you back ASAP. I need your input to share with your peers. This year Medtrade Spring was bigger and better. Thank you for participating.

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