Friday, September 2, 2011


How much does it cost to” bring in a new customer?” The other side of the coin is “how much does it cost when you lose a good customer?”

Losing a customer because of poor service or if something inappropriate occurs can be very serious. This customer is an asset that becomes extremely difficult to replace.

Train your staff to always be courteous and polite. I am aware that often a customer may come in irate or upset. By agreeing with them and not arguing, you will find that a soft word will suffice. When the problem is that of the manufacturer, not in house, be sure they understand you will be their representative to resolve their difficulty.

Communication is so effective. Anything from a simple thank you letter to an in-house promotion is an asset. Some HME providers send out a special sale price via e–mail or a sign in their showroom window works for them. Simple, inexpensive OTC items, such as a bedpan for a low price, become an asset when performed regularly. You want to keep your name in front of your clients!

When you hold a “check your BP day”, or offer a “blood glucose” morning, or maybe a “help keep your weight down” program, be sure it is publicized. The community has to know that your location does a lot more than just sell merchandise. Service becomes a big asset.

Think about building new customers and spend even more time to maintain all your clientele. This year at Medtrade in Atlanta, you will find many ideas and opportunities. Be sure you attend!

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