Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fighting the Recession

One of the comedians on television said this economy is only in a recession. However, he added that it is a depression for any one who lost their job. I do not think that it is a situation to joke about.

I do believe that HME providers are not in dire straits. They have the tools to use to maintain their companies and even to grow during these trying times. As I read through the newspapers, study the magazines, listen to the “experts” on radio and TV, one message comes through bright and clear. Don’t open the door and sit and wait for someone to come in! Give people a reason to want to come in!

Good times or bad times should never enter into the picture. People get sick and will always need your supplies. Your task is to make it very clear that you will work with them and that you will provide what they need. Make it clear that your company will work with their physician, nurse, therapist and family caregiver for them.

Even during the great depression I lived through in the ‘30s and the recessions and depressions that followed in the last 65 years, when someone required what you provide, the dollars were there.

I have said this in talks that I have given, in the column I wrote for HomeCare magazine, and, again, in these blogs. Nothing works better than a big sign your window offering a regularly used item a reduced price. People notice that and will walk in to see what you have. Change these signs every week. This works! Ads in the local papers are excellent.

What I am trying to say is now is when you and your staff must start to aggressively begin new promotions and repeat successful ones. Work with your preferred vendors! There are so many opportunities available to you.

At Medtrade this October at the Georgia World Congress Center, you can speak with all the exhibitors. There are many great opportunities you will find on the showroom floor. The exhibitors, too, want to build new sales and by working together with them you can help make this recession disappear.

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