Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Generating Referrals

When HME providers think of referral sources, it typically a physician, nurse or other practitioner recognizes the quality of your services and “suggest” their patients go to you for their supplies.

Yet, it is important to remember that a satisfied customer is another excellent referral source! This is particularly true with senior citizens and family caregivers. If they have had a positive experience, they will speak with peers and describe how wonderfully you treated them. That becomes the best referral possible. One of the best things your company can do is maintain positive relationships with your current clients and family caregivers.

Communication is very inexpensive. When they see how much you care, they tell that to the family physician, the nurse or the therapist. Their words then become referrals.

It doesn’t take much. You can send a follow-up note after delivery that says “thank you.” Simply asking how the patient or his or her caregiver is feeling sends a strong message. And, always asking if there anything else they may need reminds them that you care.

You can also follow up with a professional referral source to emphasize the services you provide. When any special equipment is ordered, send a note to the physician or referral source telling them it has been installed and you are available for any service or questions they have. Simple thank you messages go a long way and can be sent by e-mail or with a 44-cent stamp.

Just how much is a referral worth to your company?

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