Friday, September 9, 2011

A Call to Arms

Do this today – not tomorrow! This is a call to arms! It means that every HME provider must join the battle with Congress to change some of the legislations that are wrong and hurt many Medicare beneficiaries. These legislations will put far too many independent providers out of business. It will create more unemployment, loss of taxes and everything else that can happen until this recession is aborted.

We need to find more than 100 other sponsors for HR1041. Part two of the “competitive bid legislation” is about to be dropped on the industry. This must be stopped and the best way is via HR 1041. Please contact your state association for the name and e-mail addresses of your legislators. Get telephone numbers and contact the HLAs (health legislative assistants) and speak with them. Your state association and the staff at AAHomecare will provide you with the questions and requests to ask. Obtain the material they prepare and then bombard the congressmen. Vox populi!

Time to do this is rapidly disappearing. Tempus fugit! The sooner every provider, staff, patients and family caregivers become organized and involved good things will happen.

We are not lobbyists who can buy them. But the strength we have is if they are co-operative, we will support them for re-election. If they are not in Congress the benefits they have will disappear. If they do not offer to support our industry and their electorate, then you will work with their competitor. Today, votes are more important than dollars.

What is at stake is the future of the health care industry. Your community needs you! It needs the many services you perform pro bono.

Respond to this CALL TO ARMS now! If you do not, there may not be a tomorrow.

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