Thursday, July 5, 2012

Attention DME Manufacturers

Attention DME Manufacturers

The interest level for OTC sales is growing daily. New items to show dealers and how to better market existing items by matching what they display more effectively to their clientele is key. You have to lead the way. This blog is being directed to the manufacturers and exhibitors who will be displaying at Medtrade in Atlanta this fall. 

My e-mail and phone calls have been filled with requests to know:
“How many new products are currently available?” 
“Which exhibitors are bringing excellent OTC items?” “Will we find many new opportunities this year at Medtrade?”
“Which vendors will show me how to develop new sales?”

These are the questions that I am constantly hearing today and the volume keeps growing. This is a direct challenge to you, the manufacturer and the exhibitor. When answered, it will open many new doors of opportunity for both your company and the dealer! I have attended every Medtrade since its inception and never have seen this much searching for help and seeking new items to market. This is why the Medtrade Exhibition this year is more important than ever. The attendees are reaching out to you.

The providers and dealers realize they can no longer depend on CMS or Medicare. They want to develop more cash sales! You have the products, so come prepared to attract many new customers. This year the DHME attendees will be in Atlanta trying to identify the many new items which will be introduced.

As a manufacturer, showing your wares at Medtrade, this becomes a golden opportunity. I urge you all to take advantage of it. Every DME/HME provider wants the ability to tap more deeply into OTC cash sales. They all feel they are really more effective than the giant stores. They know their clientele, the patients and the family caregivers and are best positioned to move products.

This Medtrade, bring with you aggressive programs for building sales. Offer the opportunity to have your reps make joint calls with their staff.  Hold “dog and pony” demonstrations for all the providers' employees to introduce and expand your line of products. When this happens, everyone wins! You win, the dealer wins and so does their customers

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