Friday, July 6, 2012

Attention, HME/DME Providers

This year the Medtrade Exhibition will be more important than ever. Our industry is under a great deal of pressure. Yet despite this, a great many providers and dealers are doing very well. That is because they work in tandem with their vendors to develop new cash sales. There is nothing more satisfactory than ringing up a sale in your cash register, just a normal business transaction.

In yesterday’s blog I asked the vendors, manufacturers and exhibitors to spend more time at Medtrade offering OTC cash sales for the attendees. I recommended they bring new products and work together with you to build sales. You have to be there not to miss these golden opportunities.

It is a two way street! Providers and dealers each face the same problems and when working hand-in-hand, the results are fantastic!

To get the most from Medtrade, bring your key personnel. I spoke to a friend in Missouri who told me last year he brought two employees with him. When they returned each started several new programs they saw at the show. He said they were successful and so was he! This year he will attend with three sales people.

Split up your team up at Medtrade. Attend as many seminars as possible. Have all share with the rest of the team what they learned. Seek new products and ask for help with marketing. Arrange with the vendors to do a “dog & pony” show with your company. Ask them to make joint calls with your salespeople.

I am very fortunate that many of our readers feel free to contact me (WAT # 877-553-5127 and e-mail < I will always respond!

As I said to the vendors yesterday; “when this happens everyone wins, you do, the manufacturer does and so do your customers.”

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