Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Make Your Cash Register Sing

I was chatting with a neighbor at the supermarket this morning. He pointed to the checkout stations and said, “Listen to the music”. The lines were long and the ringing up of the sales really played a beautiful melody. I recognized the tune, I am an old retailer.

One of the driving forces when I prepare these blogs is to help our readers build more cash sales. Yes, make your cash registers sing.

How? When you shop or visit any of the major marketers there are signs identifying every area. First-aid, incontinence, diabetics, wheel chairs, scooters and as many titles as products they offer. These departmentalizing signs do not have to be very large. I visited a local Walgreen Pharmacy and found every section clearly identified. You can do the same!

I was in a rather interesting location in Rochester, NY. This dealer went one step further. Every section had a sign mounted. However, he also developed two “rooms” displayed along one wall: a bathroom and a bedroom. These were brightly lit and every item on display had an attached price tag. He made the rooms look so realistic because he framed in each what appeared to be window with a view.

After preparing these displays he went a few steps further. He changed the items displayed on a rotating basis. Then, he arranged to have a sales person from one of the manufacturers whose items were featured every Saturday from 9:00 AM until noon.  Their job was to demonstrate, answer questions and provide literature. The entrepreneur was very pleased when he saw how many new sales were made.

To promote these demos, every Thursday an announcement was sent to the local radio stations and newspapers. He proudly posted this announcement in his showroom window.

You can develop similar music in your showroom by promoting these programs. At Medtrade you can discover a myriad of items suitable for this type of promotion. Become the bandleader and make music and new profits.

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