Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thank You to the DME Associations

I planned on sending the following message as an e-mail to the various state and national DME associations. But it is so important that I want every one of you to join me by giving them your support. When I see how hard they work for you and how much they accomplish, I am truly impressed.  I know you appreciate the role they have by fighting for all DME/HME, not just their members.

I am asking each of you that if you do not currently belong to your state or national DME association, please do so now. If you are already a member, by all means contact your peers to become one.

A National election is coming and unless our industry becomes stronger, we will find some very difficult legislation coming our way! They need your strength to continue the battle! Now, please read the next.

E-Mail to State DME associations

I find it so exciting preparing once again for Medtrade. It’s just a few weeks away and there is so much at stake for all the DME/HME providers. You probably are more aware of this than I am!

When I receive the e-mails you send your members I realize what a superb job you each perform. How fortunate our industry is to have such an efficient team of leaders.  I anticipate seeing many of you in Atlanta at Medtrade. When I walk the floors, I will remind all the dealers with whom I speak to see you. By working together my fervent wish is to see that every DME/HME provider becomes a member of the team.

Please continue sending your members all the important material you provide. If I am not on your mailing list, please add my address.  All I want say is my “thank you” for all the great accomplishments you all have performed!

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