Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Get Out the VOTE!

I do not understand why every eligible citizen in the United States does not vote? This is an enigma, a problem, and as DME/HME providers we can help resolve and perform a tremendous service!

It is vital that everyone cast a ballot. It is imperative you ask your customers, patients, family caregivers and friends to vote. However, in business, you must be careful who you tell whom you will endorse or the party you support. Only tell people why you are concerned and if they ask for your opinion on the candidate, you can tell them.  If they respect you as a person, they will respect your choice. That is your role!

The situation I envision is who ever wins the election, the number of votes cast will be close! That being the case, the politicians will have to recognize that almost as many citizens who voted them into office, a similar number approved their opposition. Being elected by 50.5% to 49.5% or something that close, is not a mandate, it is a plea for co-operation.

When this happens, elected officials will be obliged to work together to get any legislation passed. This co-operation will turn our “declining “ economy into one filled with opportunity. The United States will be the leader in the world. We will show the way and bring relations back to normal.

So I ask, please vote and by all means, see how many lethargic citizens will heed your advice.  

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  1. No one could express the need to vote better than you! It is a right we too often take for granted, so thank you for making this subject the centerpiece of your message. You represent our industry like no one else! Louis


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