Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why MPP?

We have a challenge facing our industry and it is probably the ONE momentous pending legislation that can save our profession! This MARKET PRICING PROGRAM (MPP) basically is the only fair way for a DME/HME provider. Learn the details; get everyone involved, because you and your staff can influence the vote.

At Medtrade there will be much material available to help guide you. A great number of discussions are scheduled where you can obtain the knowledge necessary to deliver your message. The Representative from Georgia, Dr. Tom Price, who introduced this legislation, will be attending Medtrade.  There will be a reception on Wednesday (10/ 16 @ 10:00 AM in room B13), which you should attend to show your support.

What is the Market Pricing Program? It is not a competitive bid program governed by politicians who only look for $$$, not results.  CMS is trying to bring reimbursements down so low that only the least expensive (cheapest) products can be provided with no service or care!

My career has included building three pharmacies, working for a major med-surg distributor, being one myself and spending a number of years as a manufacturers rep. I realize what MPP means, do you?

I know and understand what you provide and I appreciate the service your customers get. Price is not the factor! The care and concern you give is always the platform dealers bring to their clientele. This is not included in reimbursements, so it is vital to get the MPP program through Congress.

A Market Pricing Program can be described as giving your clientele the best. Cost and retail is always a factor. The competition is another component but customer satisfaction is what makes you a success. Service and satisfaction always beats price.

You have the ability to speak to every customer and their family caregivers. Explain why they must get involved. They do not want to lose your service or be forced to travel great distances for their needs They are all very well aware of this and when you return from Medtrade, armed with all the material you need, take the few days left until votes are cast and ask for support.

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