Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Prepare & Work Together!

There are many problems that must be resolved facing our industry. The action to address them is paramount on every DME/HME proprietors “to-do” list. I am fortunate to hear from many dealers from different parts of the country. I am also cognizant there are answers which can be found.

All I propose to do is help guide you all through Medtrade Fall in Atlanta. It is almost time to cut the ribbon and start the “show”. Notice I did not say “festivities” because this year, everyone I have spoken with is going to Atlanta to seek answers.

Sit down with your employees and sort out those major problems you wish to address. If you are for MPP, write that down. If you want to see the competitive bid eliminated, record that. If you are seeking new products to feature, make a list of the appropriate vendors to visit and check out the new product pavilion! If you are not a member of a state or national association, by all means please put that on your “do it” list. (Here's a list of State Associations)

Carefully review the speakers and classes offered at Medtrade that will help your operation. Attend as many as possible and, if you bring any employees, direct them to attend others. Save the handouts and share them when you return with your entire staff. 

There are additional opportunities awaiting you. A large number of the State Associations will be manning tables on the exhibition floor. Please visit yours and let them know you appreciate their efforts. Bringing local and state problems to the attention of state legislators is one of their specialties. AAHomecare and NAIMES address national problems. If you are not currently a member of these, please join. You no longer have the ability to stand-alone.

My personal goal is to speak with as many providers, dealers, and vendors to hear what they wish to see accomplished. You must do the same.

As I said in my opening, yes we have problems, but by working together a large number can be resolved.

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