Monday, October 15, 2012

Shelly Looks Back: The First Medtrade

The First Medtrade Show

Think back! Try to recall the very first Medtrade Exhibition that you went to? Were you present at the Georgia World Center or did you go to the hotel?

I was very fortunate in that I did attend the very first and yes, it was held at the Georgia World Center. The second show was held at what was then a Marriott Hotel. They were both great fun!

The first “Medtrade” (not so identified then) was really a social event. So many friends getting together, both the vendors and the dealers, and we all really shared a most enjoyable event. There even were some sales made!

Little did any of us recognize these first two shows would evolve into the one most important event for DME/HME dealers and providers? Today there is a very major difference, one that takes precedence over all other reasons (and there are many) for attending Medtrade. It has matured today into the one best source of education for the industry.

Just count the large number of speakers and classes that are held. How many sit in at each? Many lectures are SRO (standing room only). Now add to that total the number of important people such as Senators, Representatives, attorneys and university faculty. These all are educators who have agreed to participate.

When I try to comprehend what Medtrade has become, I am flabbergasted. I don’t think there is any other venue where so much is made available. Whether you are a DME/HME provider, manufacturer or other allied professional, Medtrade is where everything happens. I will see you in Atlanta.

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