Monday, October 8, 2012

Today's Economy

I am flabbergasted as I listen to the “wanna-be candidates” constantly saying many bad things about their opponents.

When we hear their “compliments” about each other, how do they expect us to trust them? We all have a good idea about what is wrong!  Yes, I agree, we do need some changes. However they refuse to tell us how they will put in place the “ideas” to which they refer.

So I did a great deal of study. I read four newspapers every day: the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and two local publications. Here are some facts reported by each.

1.) Construction of new homes is rising.
2.) Sales of existing homes are growing at a very rapid pace.
3.) Although we still have a great deal of unemployment, new jobs are being filled daily.
4.) The stock market is slowly heading to new heights.
5.) The price of crude oil is going down.

I can prepare a similar list of the problems we face, but my primary interest is mainly for the DME/HME industry. What do we seek?  We should never be the scapegoats for the country’s economy. When we are able to return to a normal business operation, many problems will be resolved.

The competitive bid will force many smaller companies to fail. Every DME/HME Company who is forced to close his doors puts more pressure on the economy. The MPP (marketing pricing program) will allow every dealer to earn a fair share of the market. I can vouch for this because as small dealer, in a very large pond, I was able to maintain and successfully grow my “little” operation. 

I cannot tell you how important it is that we all join forces and become a formidable influence on Congress.  We do not have the amount of funds the conglomerates spend to give to the political party they want elected. As an industry, by working with AAHomecare, NAIMES, the state associations and the buying groups we can influence our customers, family caregivers and others to vote for and support the politicians who recognize the role of  DME/HME. Believe it or not, we can be that powerful.

"Stand Up for Homecare" with AA Homecare at Medtrade 2012

At Medtrade, which is only a week away, you will be able to make your voice heard. In Atlanta you will listen to the people who work with us. Be there, join your association if you are not currently a member. Watch and see what a powerful influence we can become! United we will be successful, divided we will fail.

The economy is getting better! Now is when we all must get on the offensive to guide our Congress to put in place the necessary changes.

Yes, we can do that! 

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