Friday, November 9, 2012

Back to "Normal"

The United States has just chosen who will run the country. Now will we ever see things return “back to normal?” What does that mean? I thought long and hard to find a correct description of “normal”. Is it usual, standard, customary, orderly, right, correct or typical? Actually it’s all of the above.

I have received a number of calls and messages wondering when things will return to normal? My answer to all of them was: “When things are quiet and peaceful and you can sit down to read a newspaper, is that what you want? No! Being busy all day is your goal!
You are an entrepreneur running the business and you must make decisions quickly! Your customer will ask a question, a family caregiver is seeking help, your clerk has a problem, the telephone is ringing, the mail carrier comes in with a handful of mail, your wife wants you to shop on your way home, and your son has to be picked up at the gym.  Yes, this is all perfectly customary!

The good thing is that we never think about all of these happenings nor do we concern ourselves with them. We respond to all of these and you are successful because you are professional and your business is the livelihood for your family and employees. Your company has the responsibility of providing good care, supplies and working with customers and their family caregivers. That’s how it should be!

My answer to when will things “return to normal” is typically what has always been. Times change and without realizing it, so do you. Now our industry has to reach out to the incumbents and newly elected. Every effort must be made the get their support for HR 6490 (MPP).

When you continue to provide the service and care, as you have always done, your company will flourish. Normal is status quo.

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