Thursday, November 29, 2012

Don't Hesitate.... Participate!

Do not hesitate! Register now for Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas! Things have never been as critical for our industry as they are today! Your livelihood, as well as that of your clientele who depend on you, is at stake. Between now and Medtrade Spring-March 19-21, too many changes are happening and all of which must be monitored. At Medtrade, the experts that help guide our industry are standing together to keep our industry moving in the right direction.

Medicare and Medicaid are restructuring how they will control costs and distribution.  As for Medicare, we must get HR 6490 out of committee and on to the floor so it can be passed, or we will choke even further with the competitive bid legislation. We also have to work to bring about some very vital changes in the HR 6490 to make it more effective. None of this can happen until it gets to the House floor. 

The State DME Associations, the National Associations, NAIMES, VGM, MED Group and all the allied operations will be at Medtrade. We want to be sure that every DME/HME provider or dealer is on board and ready to join forces. By working together, our industry will succeed. 

It's a critical year for the HME industry, and the feedback will help us make adjustments to what likely will be the most important Medtrade show in our 30-plus-year history,"  said Attorney Jeffrey Baird. 

When you recognize difficult problems that are approaching and the answers attendees will receive, then participating in Medtrade becomes even more valuable.

Please notice I use the term “participating” not “attending".  Since I am one of the few who have had the good fortune to attend every Medtrade Exhibition, I can say the following: For many years in the past, Medtrade was considered a holiday. Members brought their wives, employees, and children. That was the way it was then, but not the case now. Our industry must develop a much more organized answer to maintain what we have.  At Medtrade, you will accomplish many of your goals by “PARTICIPATING".

Need I say more? This is why I am sending you advance notice. Sign on now and be sure to bring with your key staff.

Visit to register for Medtrade Spring.  Discounted rates are still available.

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