Monday, November 19, 2012



For the next four years, the President of the United States will again be Barack Obama. Whether you supported him or Romney is no longer important. There can only be one President. However, the United States of America is still divided into two equal “pros” and “cons”. This is what concerns me now, are Congress and the President capable of working more closely together? There is far too much at stake to play “a party line”!

From today forward we, particularly DME/HME providers, must do everything possible to protect our industry and take care of our clientele. One of the important tasks facing us at this moment is getting HR 6490 (MPP) out of committee and onto the floor of Congress.

For the next two months we will have a “lame duck” Congress. If your current Congressman was not re-elected, please make the contact.  Now is when to ask for his support. Speak, explain and I am sure that you will be able to get them to sign on their support before they return home.

If it is a new Congressman, then before anyone else reaches him, please be the first of his constituents to make contact. They do not know if you voted for or against them. What is imperative is that they will recognize that you are an active constituent and your voice will be heard. This will also establish you as a valuable supporter with strong contacts in the community.

The first step is to establish close relations with the HLA (health legislative assistant) in the DC office and the office manager at their home base. Their major task is to collect the messages from the electorate and bring it to the legislator. Make friends! Let them know how much you and your customers appreciate what they do.

All the years that I was in business I made it a point to work with my Congressmen. I developed friends, with both my Senators Representatives office, in DC and at home. When I contacted them I was always heard and,  more often than not, I received an answer to my requests. You must establish a similar relationship. That is how they stay in office!

The average citizen in the United States can be heard and if you and the other DME/HME providers work together, we can get more of what we need.  Your state and national associations will guide you.

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